November 29, 2022

5 Ok-foods you should attempt — from a really Americanized Korean’s perspective  

By Brian Han

To proceed the continuing listing of Korean meals suggestions which might be certainly not Korean BBQ or bibimbap, listed here are a number of extra coming from a really Americanized Korean’s perspective.

What meaning is that these 5 dishes received’t check your limits of what’s palatable so the leap of religion is certainly a brief one right here.

Consider it as a newbie’s information.

Regardless, the listing nonetheless comprises staples of Korean delicacies and will very doubtless yield your subsequent favourite dish.

1. Galbi Jjim (갈비찜)

Galbi Jjim (Courtesy of Bionicgrrrl through Flickr/Inventive Commons)

So in case you’ve fallen head over heels in love with Korean BBQ, however issues simply aren’t the way in which they was once, take a stroll down galbi jjim lane.

Identical minimize of beef right here, however the preparation is totally totally different. The meat is cooked slowly in a marinate with dates, carrots, onions, ginkgo seeds, chestnuts, mushrooms, you identify it, thrown in a bit later within the course of.

All these flavors get infused in each the broth and the meat.

By the point it’s able to eat, the meat is falling off the bone and straight into your mouth.

You’ll by no means take a look at galbi the identical approach once more.

2. Mul Naengmyeon (물 냉면)

Mul Naengmyon (Courtesy of Takaokun via Flickr/Creative Commons)

Mul Naengmyon (Courtesy of Takaokun through Flickr/Inventive Commons)

Naengmyeon comes primarily in two types, so let’s sort out them individually.

Korea’s best edible treatment to sizzling summers is mul naengmyeon (물 냉면), or Pyongyang nangmyeon, as that’s the place the dish originated from.

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It consists of buckwheat noodles in a mix of ice-cold pear juice and beef broth, topped off with julienned pickled radish and cucumbers.

The “bruice” as no person calls it, all the time is available in various ratios, however having a pure beef broth leans extra towards the genuine facet

The dish is topped off with a halved exhausting boiled egg and thinly sliced beef.

Spicy mustard and vinegar may be added to present the dish some chew for these chasing a little bit of acidity and sinus pains.

3. Bibim Naengmyeon (비빔 냉면)

Bibim Naengmyon (Courtesy of Ayustety via Flickr/Creative Commons)

Bibim Naengmyon (Courtesy of Ayustety through Flickr/Inventive Commons)

The second iteration is named bibim naengmyeon (비빔 냉면), or Hamhung naengmyeon.

Bibim naengmyeon is extra alongside the traces of what non-Koreans would anticipate out of a Korean dish. The truth is it’s not so totally different from bibimbap.

The flavour in bibim naengmyeon is lots richer as a result of at its base is gochujang(고추장) or a spicy chili paste.

Throw in some kimchi, chopped greens, vinegar, sesame seeds and that’s just about it.

The principle distinction between bibim naengmyeon and mul naengmyeon is the kind of noodles which might be used.

For bibim naengmyeon you’ll discover that the noodles are even chewier as a result of they’re produced from potatoes fairly than buckwheat.

Identical to its counterpart, it’s served chilly.

This one additionally originates from North Korea, however to be extra particular it comes from the town of Hamhung, which is situated on the very north finish of North Korea.


4.  Kkori-gomtang (꼬리곰탕)

Kkori Gomtang (Courtesy of Alvin Smith via Flickr/Creative Commons)

Kkori Gomtang (Courtesy of Alvin Smith through Flickr/Inventive Commons)

Korea’s model of rooster soup for the soul.

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Besides on this case, substitute the rooster with oxtail.

Oxtail is a type of issues the place in case you didn’t realize it was oxtail, you’ll fortunately eat it to your abdomen’s content material. However as quickly as you begin visualizing the place it comes from and the way unique it sounds, you would possibly simply skip lunch that day.

With that stated…

Kkori-gomtang is an easy dish that’s straightforward on the palate regardless of one unorthod-ox ingredient (see what we did there?).

The broth is normally milky white and the bones can get a bit slippery so don’t be afraid to make use of your fingers.

As a result of delicate taste of 꼬리곰탕, it’s all the time a protected wager to bask in a number of the banchan (반찬) or facet dishes that pack a little bit of a kick.

Truthfully, this soup does wonders for the frequent chilly and that’s a confirmed scientific truth (don’t look it up).

5. Tteokguk (떡국)

Tteokguk (Courtesy of Kwan-woo Kim via Flickr/Creative Commons)

Tteokguk (Courtesy of Kwan-woo Kim through Flickr/Inventive Commons)

A tasty stew that additionally carries a variety of custom.

It begins with a meat broth (beef, rooster, pork, seafood, the chances are limitless!) and contains thinly sliced rice desserts topped off with julienned eggs, 김 (dried seaweed) and inexperienced onions.

Koreans imagine that consuming this specific dish on New 12 months’s Day brings each good luck and provides a 12 months to your age.

To be extra particular it’s alleged to be eaten on Seollal (설날) or Korean New Years, which adheres to the lunar calendar, however as of late it goes each methods.

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It’s not as if this dish solely pops up someday out of the 12 months. It’s nonetheless a extremely popular dish.

If for no matter purpose you’ll be able to’t discover a place that serves it, go make your individual. There are many recipes on the market and it’s not too troublesome to whip up.